The Anatomy Department is an active pre-clinical department largely devoted to teaching Anatomy to medical, paramedical students and nursing students. Located on the college campus, it stands close to the Women’s Hostel, basketball court and college canteen.

Teaching Staff

  • Dr. Bina Isaac, MBBS, MS, Professor & Head
  • Dr. Sunil J. Holla, MBBS, MS, Professor
  • Dr. Indirani K. MSc, MEd, PhD, Professor
  • Dr. Suganthy Rabi, MBBS, MS, DNB, Professor
  • Dr. Ivan James Prithishkumar, MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Tripti Meriel Jacob, MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Deepak Vinod Francis, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Samuel Stephen Frank, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. RajKohila, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Pauline Shanthi, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Praisy Joy, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Stelin Agnes Michael, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Minu Rekha, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Mohana Priya, MBBS, PG Demonstrator
  • Dr. Rex Joe Max, MBBS, PG Demonstrator

Non-Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. Amsaveni, BSc, Sel. Gr. Technician I
  • Mrs. Akila Williams, BSc, Sel. Gr. Technician I
  • Mr. V. Gopinath, BSc, Secretary III
  • Mr. S. Balakrishnan, BSc, Staff Technician I
  • Mr. K.R. Gopi, BSc, Staff Technician I
  • Mr. G. Rajkumar, BFA, Artist/Modeller Technician Staff I
  • Mr. P. Shanmugam, Hospital Attendant I
  • Mr. G.A. Anthonyswamy, Hospital Attendant I
  • Mr. M. Dhandapani, Hospital Attendant II
  • Mr. C. Babu Udayasuriyan, Hospital Attendant II
  • Mr. S. Dasaradhan, Hospital Attendant IV
  • Mr. K. Lakshmana Kumar, Hospital Attendant IV

Teaching Facilities

Dissection Hall: The gross structure of the human body is taught through lectures, cadaver dissections, study of bones, prosected specimens, tutorials, quizzes, radiographs, charts and models. We maintain a small student-teacher ratio of 12:1 and ensure that all students receive personal attention and guidance. The fostering and nurturing of medical students during their first year in college has been an important aspect of our work.

Histology Lab: Histology, or microscopic anatomy is taught by lectures and practicals. The Histology Laboratory is well equipped with individual microscopes and a set of slides for each student. Colored, labeled photomicrographs are provided to aid the students in interpreting the more difficult slides. Here also we maintain the small student-teacher ratio.

Library: There are around 1700 books and 17 journals in the Department Library to enable us to keep abreast with changes in the subject.

E-learning: E-learning is being used for teaching. We upload PowerPoint of lectures taken, study material, feedback quizzes and make announcements (e.g. for the Secondary Hospital Program SHP-I).

Other Facilities

We have more than 168 charts, 100 radiographs, 20 videocassettes, 384 museum specimens and 153 models to help with the teaching.


Currently research is being done in gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy and ultrastructure, neurology and radiological anatomy. The work is supported by internal grants and grants from ICMR, CSIR and DBT.

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On-going Projects

  • Study of antigen presenting cells in human reproductive organs - Dr. Suganthy funded by ICMR.
  • Spinal cord regeneration using stem cell transplantation and other novel techniques - Department of Biotechnology - Dr. Indirani K.

Looking Ahead

We are on the process of video-taping dissections, digitalizing Dr. Harsha’s diagrams and histology slides. We also have developed a Plastination Lab

Historical Landmarks

1918 Anatomy Department was established; First batch of licentiate students were admitted

1942 - First batch of MBBS students was registered

1943 - Recognised for research by Indian Research Fund Association (IRFA)

1944 - Anatomy museum with wax, paper masche and wooden was established

1946 - The Bone Section supplied articulated skeletons to centers in India and abroad. First MS thesis by Dr. Ramamurthi

1947 - Major developments in the Histology-Embryology Section with addition of a large number of slides

1948 - Acquisition of first Research Microscope with Photomicrograph attachments. Two papers were published in International Journals

1950 - Dr. Liza Chacko presented her work at the 5th International Anatomical Congress at Oxford. Dr. Liza Chacko was awarded a D.Phil. She also won the Nuffled Prize of 1,500 pounds to purchase equipment for research

1951 - Inauguration of the Anatomical Society of India. Dr. Liza Chacko and Dr. Narayanaswami participated in the symposium “Teaching of Anatomy” and presented research papers. Number of books and journals available in the Department Library greatly increased

1952 - Advanced Anatomy lectures for postgraduate students in MD and MS were held for the first time

2003 - CORPORA-an exhibition-cum-teaching program in Anatomy was conducted for the first time

2004 - Acquisition of Cryostat

2009 - Starting of Plastination Lab