The Division of Nursing Services in the hospital delivers care, which is aligned to the Philosophy and Motto of Christian Medical College, ‘Not to be ministered unto, but to Minister’.

History: The Office of the Nursing Superintendent was established in the year 1909 and the First Nursing Superintendent was Ms. Delia M. Houghton. The 1st Batch of the Institution Registered Nursing students graduated in the year 1949 and joined the institution. The 1st Indian Nursing Superintendent was Ms. Anna Jacob (1949-1974). The Department grew by leaps and bounds through the years under the headship of committed and able Nursing Superintendents, setting a model for the rest of the country. Integration of College of Nursing and Nursing Service formally and officially was in the year 1961. The Institution since then was well supported through the leadership offered by College of Nursing faculty on various aspects of patient care management in the hospital.

The Office of the Nursing Superintendent is one of the five sections of Administrative Office under the Director, governed by the CMC council. This is the central point from which all activities related to nursing are managed, initiated or is reported. The Office of the Nursing Service shares the vision of providing good quality medical care in the hospital.

The nursing leadership thus plays a key role in providing the direction and infrastructure to ensure that nurses are empowered to practice professionally and thus deliver high quality care.

Department Profile:
The members at the Office of the Nursing Superintendent are as follows:

Dr. Jayarani Premkumar, Nursing Superintendent & Professor – Medical Nursing

Mrs. Jasmin Anand, Dy. Nursing Superintendent & Professor – Medical & Surgical Nursing

Mrs. Ebenezer Ellen Benjamin, Dy. Nursing Superintendent & Professor – Maternity Nursing

Mrs. Mary Anbarasi Johnson, Addl. Dy. Nursing Superintendent & Professor – Paediatric Nursing

Mrs. Amala Rajan, Addl.Dy. Nursing Superintendent & Professor – Medical Nursing

The Office of the Nursing Superintendent in the hospital endeavored to provide quality nursing care, protect the health and safety of its members and ensure that nurses and their assistants in the hospital are compassionate, competent and ethically sound to practice. The office addresses key issues of practice, education, recruitment regulation and maintaining quality and Nursing Practice standards in patient care. The department maintains Standing Orders, which allow the nursing team members to exercise their judgment in times of emergency. The clinical procedure manual, which is made available in every unit, ensures uniformity in performing procedures, patient safety and the provision of efficient care.

 The Department of Nursing Service, CMC Vellore, is one of the largest departments of the institution that employs over 2700 nursing personnel under the Nursing Superintendent with an inpatient occupancy of 75% on an average. The Nurses function in all the OP & IP units of the Hospital. There are designated Nursing personnel for patient education, high skilled areas of the hospital, in-service training and auditing.



  • Deliver high standards of Quality care
  • Conduct regular in-service education  program
  • Offer 2 weeks induction program for all the newly recruited Staff Nurse.
  • Monitor deficiencies in in-patient care areas through Audits , feedbacks and small projects
  • Maintain safe and happy working conditions for Nurses.
  • Build resources sufficient for students learning and practice

Shared Governance
For efficient management and supervision at the hospital, the College of Nursing faculty offer headship and guidance throughout the year in various departments. Each Nursing department is headed by a Professor who is faculty of the College of Nursing. Every ward has a postgraduate level supervisor (M.Sc. Nursing) for clinical supervision, management and student education. This is very unique to our Nursing Service where integration of education and service are practiced. Graduate Nurses with two years of experience work as Charge Nurses following a competitive exam and rigorous appraisal. An Assistant Night Supervisor (ANS) assisted by three Charge Nurses who are posted in rotation supervise the entire hospital at night and are also responsible for guidance as required. The senior Charge Nurses undertake the supervisory responsibilities on Saturday evenings and a faculty member from the College of Nursing does supervision of the entire hospital on Sundays in rotation.

Nursing Department

Head of the Department

Medical Nursing

Dr. Jayarani Premkumar

Surgical Nursing

Dr. Punitha Ezhilarasu

Med – Surgical Specialty I
(ENT, Plastic Surgery, Pulm. Medicine & Nephro & Urology)

Mrs. Beulah Premkumar

Med – Surgical Specialty II
(Cardio, Cardio Thoracic ,Radio Oncology & Gastroenterology)

Mrs. Jasmin Anand

Med – Surgical Specialty III
(O Block, AK Lab & OPD)

Mrs. Anbu S. Kumar

Med – Surgical Specialty IV
(Accident & Emergency Services)

Mr. T. S. Ravikumar

Med – Surgical Specialty V
(Operating Rooms)

Mrs. Valliammal Babu

Med – Surgical Specialty VI
(Haematology & Medical Oncology)

Mrs. Selva Titus Chacko

Med – Surgical Specialty VII
(Neuro & Polytrauma)

Mr. T. S. Ravikumar

Obstetric & Gynaecological Nursing

Mrs. Christy Simpson

Paediatric Nursing

Mrs. Sundari Edwin

Mental Health Centre (Psychiatry)

Dr. Manoranjitham Sathyaseelan

Rehabilitation Institute

Mrs. Josephine Sugumaran (Incharge)

Ida Scudder Ward & Ophthalmology

Mrs. Jeni Christal Vimala (Incharge)

Recently a number of teams were empowered to function as inter disciplinary teams to offer better services. New members were inducted to each of these committees and protocols were revised for better direction.




Department Safety Advisors  -DSA


Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Team - CART


Department Quality Managers -DQM


Audit Team




Advocacy Cell


Grievance Cell

Each year the Nursing Division proudly honors the various categories of nursing staff for nursing excellence. These are awarded on the Founder’s day, which is celebrated on the 9th December each year. These are for nurses who demonstrate professionalism & dedication to the mission and journey of the Nursing service.

The concept of Quality Assurance (QA) in nursing service has always been a priority in the care of our patients. This has been approached through a process of nurses assuming complete accountability for the quality of care they provide. Optimizing the performance by quality indicators for structure, outcome and process has helped nursing service work with definite objectives and goals. A number of policies protocols & records were drawn to meet the needs of accrediting bodies and the various committees and audits co-ordinated by the Additional Deputy Nursing Superintendent deputed for Quality care, which is mentioned below, have hastened the evolutionary process:

Performance Indicators & Audits

  • Pressure sore assessment & progress following care
  • Incidence of falls
  • Nursing process documentation
  • Pain assessment
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Incidence of drug errors
  • Basic Nursing care audit
  • Drug storage in the wards
  • CART trolley
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Waste disposal & general survey
  • Survey on drug returned from in-patient area.
  • Falls Audit
  • Drug Error
  • Intravenous infusion site care

Work Load Indicators

The workload indicators were also assessed by way of
i) Vacancy rate
ii) Staff turnover rate
iii) Understaffing rate based on the nurse & patient ratio
iv) Use of sick leave etc.
Health education and Patient rehabilitation
Patient education is another key factor of our patient care component. Patient education is important to enable individuals to better care for themselves and make informed decisions regarding medical care.

Nurse Led Clinics & Educators

nursing 001


nurse led clinic 003



Enterostomal Therapist

Team of Diabetes Educators

Nurse Midwife led Antenatal Clinic

Asthma Educator

Nephro Educator
(Post Renal Transplant education on drugs)

  • Diabetic Educator
  • Asthma Educator
  • Cardiac Life Style & Rehabilitation Nurse
  • Nephrology  Educators-   CAPD Nurse
  • Stoma Clinic
  • 24 Hrs Injection room
  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Disaster Manager (Trauma Nurse Coordinators-TNC)

Staff Welfare Activities 

  • CNE- Continuing Nursing Education
  • Annual Departmental Retreats
  • Counseling: A full time counselor is available for the nursing staff who visits every department for counseling as required. Orients new nurses during the induction program.
  • Deputed for Workshops/ Conferences conducted within the country and overseas.
  • Encouraged to participate in TNAI/ NL programs
  • Rest rooms are provided for the nursing staff to rest after their second shift duties.
  • Staff children are sponsored for education for various courses provided in our institution.
  • Medical benefits for staff and their family members.

The Department of Nursing Service has a rich heritage with integration of Nursing Education and Nursing Practice. The Department has grown from serving a one bedded hospital to a 2695 bedded tertiary care hospital over the last century. The strength of the department has been its integration of nursing service and nursing education, commitment to maintaining standards and quality of patient care in addition to exploring new possibilities to keep pace with changing trends in health care. Nursing Service is the heart of the institution, which supports and provides comprehensive patient care at the primary, secondary, and tertiary care level within our institution.

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