Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery Unit 1 Wednessday & Saturday
Plastic Surgery Unit 2 Tuesday & Friday

The Plastic Surgery department does surgery for people born with defects of the face or lips. The department also treats patients with large burns and scarring which follows burns.

Some of the surgeries done are:

General Plastic Surgery:
eg someone may have a bad scar and the plastic surgeons can make it look a lot better Plastic Surgery looks after people who have had bad burns and will also help people who have bad scars after being burnt – they can do surgery to make them look better.

Reconstructive surgery:
this is remaking something after surgery or trauma (an accident). A lady may have had a mastectomy (removing the breast) for breast cancer. After sometime, if it looks like the cancer is gone and other treatment s have finished, then reconstruction is possible. The breast can be made to look more like it used to.

Cosmetic surgery:
some surgery is done just to make people look better eg make a nose or ears smaller.

there are children who are born with abnormal faces eg cleft lip when there is a hole in the lip and often the top of the mouth. Plastic surgeons will close the hole and make it look as good as possible. Cancer can occur on the face and often plastic surgeons will remove these, again doing the surgery so the scar and surgery shows as little as possible.

Microvascular reconstructive surgery:
the department does microvascular tissue reconstruction. Tissue is harvested from one part and transplanted to other areas in the body. This uses microvascular anastomosis. Tissue reconstruction is when something is made whole again eg an accident deforms/injures the face, then reconstruction can make it look right again. Microvascular means operating on very small vessels - arteries and/or veins. The surgeons use special microscopes to look at the blood vessels, as they are so small. This surgery can take a very long time to do eg 10hrs.

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