Not to be ministered unto but to minister


Our stories

By alumni, current staff, well-wishers and others who were moved by and felt compelled to pen the stories of CMC.

  A Thousand Years in Thy Sight by Dorothy J Scudder
  A Very Amazing Life – The biography of Edna I Gault by Bette McLaughlin
  An Amazing Man – Edward Gault in Three worlds: A Biography by Ronald Winton
  Be Thou My Vision by Carol E Jameson
  Be Thou My Vision: Spiritual Resources for the Healing Ministry by Valson Thampu

  Called to be in His Service by Dr C K Job
  Climb Every Mountain – The Story of Granny Brand by Dorothy Clarke Wilson
  Doctor in Arabia by Paul W Harrison MD
  Dr Hilda Lazarus by Olive Walrond, Hazel Holman, Joyce Brennan and CMCH staff
  Dr John Carman by Arnold Desmond
  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr Paul Brand and Philip Yancey 
  History of the Department of General Surgery by Dr S R Banerjee Jesudasan, Dr LBM Joseph, Dr John C Muthusami
  I Cut, God Heals by Dr L B M Joseph
  Ida S Scudder by Mary Pauline Jeffrey
  In His Image by Dr Paul Brand & Philip Yancey
  Legacy and Challenge: The Story of Ida B Scudder by Jennifer Georgia
  Love in Deed – The Moving Story of Dr Ida Scudder by Dr Pippa Deodhar
  Magnified Grace by Dr Mary Varghese
  My Life - A Great Adventure by L B M Joseph 
  One Hundred Years of Nursing Education at CMC Vellore – A Reflection by Beulah Premkumar
  Our Heritage, Our Horizon, Our Vision by Prof S R Banerjee Jesudasan
  Passing on the Torch of Life by Dorothy Clarke Wilson
  Parenting Your Child by M C Mathew, Anna Mathew & Beula Wood
  Reminiscences and Reflections by Dr Jacob Chandy
  Ripples of Life by Gillian Patterson, Sara Bhattacharji, Sushil John, Guru Nagarajan with Reena George and Anna Tharyan
  Take My Hands – The Remarkable Story of Dr Mary Verghese of Vellore by Dorothy Clarke Wilson
  Ten Fingers for God – The Life and Work of Dr Paul Brand by Dorothy Clarke Wilson
  The Golden Years: 1965 to 2015, Department of Urology, CMC Vellore: edited by Arabind Panda
  The Making of a People of God by Dr Jacob Chandy
  The Torch of Life by Dorothy Clarke Wilson
  The Years of Fame by Dr Arnold Desmond
  There Rest Thy Feet – The CHAD Experience by Gillian Patterson
  Wheelchair Surgeon – The Story of Mary Verghese by Joan Clifford
  You Raise Me Up to More Than I Can Be by Dr Pippa Deodhar