Our Campuses

The main hospital is situated in the 19-acre Town Campus (earlier referred to as the Thottappalayam Campus) in the heart of Vellore town. The hospital complex is the site for clinical training for all the students. The vast majority of the clinical departments are located on the hospital campus.  From April 2016 to March 2017, the hospital, which has close to 2500 beds, received more than 21 lakh outpatients, more than a lakh inpatients and recorded more than 14, 500 births.

Housing for doctors, and patient relatives is also available at the Town Campus, which has various amenities like institutional canteens, ATMs, post offices, provision shops, gift stores and so on, in its premises.

Getting there

Vellore is 150 km. west of Chennai on the highway to Bangalore and is well connected by road and rail. For those travelling by train, the station to alight at is Katpadi, which is on the Chennai to Bangalore or Coimbatore line. Frequent bus services connect the major towns in the region (Chennai, Chittoor, Bangalore, Salem, and Trichy) to Vellore. 

The town campus or Hospital Campus is located at the centre of Vellore town and is six kilometres south from the Katpadi Railway Station. This campus houses the main hospital, hostels for nurses (staff and students) and some accommodation for faculty. There are numerous commercial boarding and lodging facilities around the town campus. Situated 7 km. south of the main hospital is the College campus set in a green, quiet and calm 200-acre site. Classrooms and laboratories for pre-clinical students are on this campus. A majority of the faculty stay on this campus. 

This campus can be reached by taking the town buses route number 1 or 2, going towards Bagayam. Auto- rickshaws are also available from Katpadi Railway junction and Vellore town. The Schell campus is situated in Vellore town and is about 2 km from the town campus. The Kagithapattarai campus is less than a km, from the town campus and houses the College of Nursing and some accommodation.

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