Course Summary 

The fellowship in general infectious Diseases course (FGID) is year long distance learning. It involves online self learning modules and contact sessions. This course is initiated by the department of Infectious Diseases in collaboration with the department of distance education and Welcome trust research laboratory, CMC, Vellore. The course is funded by the Global Infectious Disease Research Training grant from NIH (NIH D43 TW0007392)

Infectious Diseases as a specialty has gained a lot of importance in the field of internal medicine. It has an integral role to play in management of different diseases which are labeled as infectious.  Knowledge in microbiology has progressed enormously and many sophisticated and expensive diagnostic techniques are widely available. New treatment options are introduced while numerous microbial species demonstrate increasing resistance to antimicrobial agents. The intervention of trained infectious disease physicians could thus contribute to optimize treatment and limit the use of economic resources. There are very few trained Infectious Diseases physicians and pharmacists who are trained in clinical antimicrobial stewardship.