Growth and expansion in healthcare necessitates a team approach – and a variety of skills and expertise – in curing illness and sustaining life. Advanced, complex instrumentation and sophisticated equipment are needed to meet the rising demand for cost-effective diagnosis, treatment and related services, requiring professionals to operate, manage and maintain them. Allied Health Sciences courses thus enable healthcare professionals to work at multiple points in the care and healing pathway.

From 1903, when “Aunt Ida trained local women as compounders, CMC has seen continuous upgradation in informal in-service training to certificate-, diploma- and university degree-level courses, and 2011 saw significant increases in the number and range of AHS courses. Currently, CMC awards eight diplomas, 19 bachelor’s degrees, 13 postgraduate diplomas and two fellowships programmes in AHS. Since 2014, 195 students have completed their respective courses; 467 are en route.

The training integrates classroom teaching with hands-on clinical and practical work. The courses are designed to improve knowledge and professional skills, build character, nurture motivation and strengthen drive not to be served, but to serve the poor and marginalised.

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