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Brief History of OPTAA

CMC Vellore witnessed the fruition of the concerted efforts of many Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT) alumni at creating an organized body of alumni, in 2011, during the Occupational and Physiotherapy Alumni (OPTA) reunion. An informal group which met annually had existed in the USA but was, in course of time, disbanded. Following this, there was a long latent period where an acute need for a formal organization was felt. In March 2011, an ad-hoc committee was formed in Vellore.

The committee initiated and shouldered the responsibility of conducting the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Occupational and Physiotherapy Students’ Association (OPTSA). It also formulated the constitution and the objectives of a new association. On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations, held on 25th November, 2011, Dr Sunil Chandy, Director, CMC Vellore, formally inaugurated the new association. With that, the long-awaited need for the alumni became a reality.

The objective of the association states: “Our efforts are to preserve and promote all that is of enduring value in the relationship of the OT and PT alumni of CMC Vellore, among themselves and with their college to foster the welfare and progress of their alma mater.” With about 62 registered members in India and abroad, the first General Body meeting of the nascent association was conducted on November 26th, 2011, at the CHTC auditorium at the College campus. The general body approved the constitution and elected the executive committee members. An account was started in the Central Bank with the name OPTAA and continues to maintain the audited accounts. A finance policy and committee were also formulated.

The 5th General Body meeting and the 4th Executive Committee were milestones in OPTAA’s history. OPTAA is currently working on streamlining the membership database, on the formation of the website, on the organisation of Continuing Education seminars, the facilitation of alumni networking with departments and students, and various other issues.