Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Christian Medical College, Vellore


Dr. Vernon N. Lee, Professor

Dr. Reginald George Alex, Professor

Dr. KPP Abhilash, Associate Professor

Dr. Moses Kirubairaj, Associate Professor

Dr. Thomas Kurien Bhanu, Assistant Professor

Dr. Priya G, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ashwin Rajenesh, Assistant Professor

Dr. Vineet Subodh, Tutor

Dr. David Vincent, Tutor

Dr. Surendra Kumar Mutyala, Tutor


Emergency Nursing Consultants

Mr. T S Ravi Kumar, Professor and Head

Mrs. Jeyalinda Christopher, Professor

Mrs. Esther Paul, Charge Nurse

Mrs. Surekha Rani, Charge Nurse

Mrs. Sriranjani, Tutor


Fellowship Registrars

Dr. Banhiam Carey

Dr. Iashanlang Dkhar

Dr. John Emmanuel Jesudasan

Dr. JubinMerin Jacob

Dr. Navin R

Dr. Sheetal Babu

Dr. Shruthi R

Dr. Malle Simeon

Dr. Gautam Didla

Dr. Sam Palachuvattile Varghese

Dr. Mathew Varghese Nellimootil

Dr. Y Billy Rufus

Dr. Y Assi Bernard

Dr. Kirubagaran A


Senior House Officers

Dr. Abraham C Nartamizh

Dr. Jisha Narayanan Ambadi

Dr. Wolf Peter Schmidt

Dr. Swadeepa R J


Junior Clinical Assistants

Dr. Sonam Shah

Dr. Meghana Kovvuri

Dr. Amith Balachandran

Dr. Eunice Susanna Abraham


Emergency Care Technology Staff

Mr. Karthikeyan V

Ms. Irene Florence

Mr. Yuvaraj


Social Worker

Mr. Sathish Kumar

Ms. BagyaLakshmi


Ward Clerk

Ms. Lakshmi


Bed Manager

Ms. BakiyaLakshmi



Mr. Senthil Kumar



Emergency Department

The Emergency Department at CMC treats the full spectrum of patients, and plays a pivotal role in the CMC health care system, medical education programs, and research efforts. As such, the Emergency Department is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in patient care and innovative programs.

The adult emergency department in CMC, started in 1989 is currently is the largest in India. It tends to about 200 patients per day, including medical and surgical emergencies and trauma. Patients are triaged on arrival into 4 priorities and managed in their respective areas. The department which started as an 18 bedded facility has currently grown into 45 bedded facility including 6 beds in the resuscitation room and a dedicated procedure room where all minor surgical and orthopedic procedures are performed with adequate address to pain management in the form of nerve blocks and procedural analgesia.

We encounter a wide variety of medical emergencies such as febrile illness, sepsis, cardiac, neurological, gastroenterological, nephrological, heamot-oncological and endocrine diseases. Surgical cases include trauma, acute abdomen, soft tissue infections, limb ischemia, and urological, obstetric and gynecological patients.

The department is staffed by 8 consultants and 25-30 ED registrars and 2-4 interns. Nursing staff consists of 62 trained nurses. A paramedical team comprising of 3 tutors and 22 students, help in various procedures and resuscitation. Our department is recognized as the South-East Asian Regional Training for Emergency Medicine.

The department initiated the first fellowship in Emergency Medicine in 1997, B.Sc. Emergency and trauma technology course from 2013 and post doctoral fellowship in emergency medicine from 2016. Currently the fellowship in emergency medicine for post MBBS, recognized by CMC Vellore, trains 10 candidates per year is a two year hands on training program with an emphasis on research and academics. The post doctoral fellowship program, for post MD candidate is the only one of the kind in India; recognized by Tamil Nadu M.G.R Medical University, Chennai.

Daily academics are in the form of bedside clinics, journal clubs, seminars and lectures. Regular quality evaluation includes audits such as death, CPR, 72 hour re-visit and discharge audits. All trainees actively participate in patient care and resuscitation with interaction with other units and super-specialties and are required to submit an original research and dissertation which is supervised by the Institutional Review Board, CMC. The department encourages publishing and presenting papers in national and international conferences.

The strength of CMC’s Emergency Department lies in comradeship; the commitment of the medical and nursing staff to patient care. To the best of its capability, the Emergency Department has reflected the ethos of the Christian Medical College Hospital.

Non PG posts are available for MBBS graduates

8 hours shift duties with 6 – 8 days off per month
Exposure to a wide variety of cases and weekly academic sessions
Opportunity for doing research projects

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The Head, Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine
Christian Medical College, Vellore 632 004
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: 0416-228-2225
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