2 January 2023
Too hard for God?
‘I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?’ Jeremiah 32: 27
The rhetorical question, ‘Is anything too hard for God?’ is often raised. Abraham wondered and Sarah laughed at the biological improbability of giving birth in her old age. (Genesis 18: 14) Jeremiah affirms that God’s creation of the heaven and earth proves that nothing is too hard for him (Jeremiah 32: 17), but wonders how his land can be saved in the face of surrounding enemy nations. Today’s text was the answer then, as it is for today.
This realisation that nothing is too hard for God came to me with fresh impact recently when my wife and I were returning home from a clinical project in Central Asia. As we were about to check in for our flight we found that our tickets and passports were suddenly missing – stolen by pickpockets. At 6.30 on a Sunday morning in a mass of humanity in a foreign setting to whom could we turn for help? Pressing our foreheads together in that crowded and noisy environment, we prayed for help to the God whom we were serving. In an amazing turn of events during the next half hour, security personnel found the culprit and we were on that 8.00 flight with tickets and passports in hand – a clear reply to our prayer. Is there anything too hard for God?
Perhaps you are facing an especially difficult decision to make regarding patient care, or have a pressing family matter. Is there anything too hard for God? He loves us and asks us to trust him, no matter how big or small may be the matter we have to deal with. We can trust him; we must trust him.
‘Nothing is too hard for me,’ says the Lord.
Read: Jeremiah 32: 1–9, 38–44.