25 May 2020
Renewing a thirst for God
Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. Psalm 119: 97
Quite often Christians fear they are becoming dry. They become unfruitful and no longer thirst after God. Their lives lack the excitement and joy that was theirs when they first knew the Lord. What are they to do? There are three tools that stimulate a thirst for God; three tools that are simple and very
The first tool has to do with loving and having real passion for God’s commandments and for his word. Fifty one times the psalms speak of loving God’s word. So, each day we need to read some part of the Bible, meditate on it and seek to apply it in our lives, that very day. Reading God’s word is not only
therapeutic but also preventive.
The second secret for restoring a thirst for God is prayer. Speak directly with God. Tell him you are thirsty and ask him to give you living water. Often Christians have prayed that by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit they will not speak to any person, read any newspaper, or undertake any work on any day before praying. We need to recover this priority in our lives.

The third secret has to do with longing to be with God’s people, that is the church. We do not love Christ if we do not love the people of God. So let us enjoy the precious gift of Christian fellowship and find in such fellowship encouragement and restoration in our dry periods.

Christ changes our lives and the first thing he changes is our relationship with God. May God help us to be mature Christians and to use the tools he gives us; his word, prayer and fellowship, to restore and maintain our thirst for him.
Read: Psalm 119: 97–104; 1 Peter 2: 9–12.
(From ‘Changing World – Unchanging Values’ ICMDA 1998)