5 August 2020
Yes, Lord, I know
… we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. 1 John 4: 16
Having gone through medical school and worked half my internship in Europe, going home to Africa to finish the internship was just one more uncertain venture. Yet it was clear in my spirit that this was what God wanted, and even my faithful Christian doctor friends were convinced that I was doing the right thing. Then, in my good old third world country, I was suddenly thrown in the middle of the deep blue sea like a toddler and expected to swim. Due to shortage of staff, my duties ranged from those of a nurse to those of a registrar. Occasionally, I had to take a decision which, in the safe haven of a developed country, would only have been taken by a consultant. Job satisfaction became non-existent.
I knew that the system was not being fair to me. I felt abused and exploited. Reverse culture shock made matters worse and I whined and whined. At one point I thought, ‘Was God really right to tell me to complete my internship here?’ Perhaps I had been wrong to think so. Yet despite my doubts, deep down I knew that I had heard him aright. Does that sound familiar?
The goodness of the Lord then amazed me. The Bible tells us how Abraham was presumed righteous for having believed when he could not see. (Genesis 15: 6) In the same way, I was amazed how well things worked out, for this is what God did for me: he gave me colleagues, patients and even seniors who were under tremendous pressure from their workload, including attending to major pandemics, but who were still willing to accommodate and support me.
Yes, Lord, I know. You are the God who performs miracles. (Psalm 77: 14)
Read: Psalm 77.