8 June 2020
I will forever know
I will remember the deeds of the Lord. Psalm 77: 11
I can say ‘Yes, Lord, I know,’ because of my personal experience of Psalm 77. He sustained me when I was a blind and blinkered ‘Christian’, when I was an obvious sinner, and eventually when I accepted him as my Lord and Saviour, yielding to his sovereignty. He carried me through a tough time when I was doubtful about being able to complete medical school, and other hard times since. Remembering,
too, the responsibilities of some medical students in underprivileged nations who have to work like physicians or surgeons during their electives, it seems that God sometimes gives us tasks beyond our capacity so that we learn to know more of his strength.
I wonder what was going through Abraham’s mind as he was preparing the altar and tying Isaac’s hands for sacrifice, whilst at the same time knowing that God had promised a lot of descendants through this particular son. (Genesis 17: 19) Remembering God’s past faithfulness would strengthen him to entrust both the present confusion and the future fulfilment to the one who had given that promise. He, too, must have said, ‘I will forever know.’
Prayer: God my creator, I praise and confirm your sovereignty in my life. I know that you have a plan for me and I glorify you for so far showing me the clear way forward. And with the little you give me to be a health giver, may I always know that, in your hands, that little will work. Let there be no clouding of my vision of your power and perfect providence, and let not circumstances obscure from me the knowledge of your will being done.
Read: Hebrews 11: 11–19; Lamentations 3: 22–24.