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January 1949 Department was started by Dr. Jacob Chandy
1952 EEG Machine acquired
1954 N1 & N2 wards were built
1957 Foundation stone for the Department laid
1957 Neurochemistry Lab established
1957 Informal training in Neurosurgery began - First Candidate Dr. R.N. Roy
1958 Formal training in Neurosurgery (M.S. Neurosurgery) began - First Candidate Dr. K.V. Mathai
1961 Stereotactic Surgery initiated
1964 Padma Bhushan awarded to Prof. Jacob Chandy
1966 Formal training in Neurology began - First Candidate Dr. G.C. Mitra
1967 EMG Machine acquired
1970 Operating Microscopes Zeiss (OPMI 1) acquired
1972 Stroke Rooms built
1974 NSI Meeting held in Vellore
1974 Silver Jubilee of the Department celebrated
1975 Neurophysiology Lab established
1984 CUSA, Laser acquired
1985 Neurosurgery seats increased from 2 to 3
1986 Evoked Potential Machine acquired
1987 First CT guided stereotactic surgery in India
1987 First CT guided stereotactic thalamotomy in India
1988 Video Telemetry began
1989 International SSPE symposium held in Vellore
1991 Intraoperative Monitoring began
1995 International Mycobacterial symposium held in Vellore
1995 Stereotactic radiosurgery began
1995-1997 Five Stereotactic workshops held in Vellore
1997 Neurophysiology Symposium held in Vellore
1997 Neuro-Endoscope acquired
1999 Golden Jubilee of the Department celebrated
2003 Second CMC Winter Symposium on Neurosciences & Psychiatry held in Vellore
2004 Clinical Neurophysiology Workshop on EMG & Intra-Operative Monitoring held in Vellore.
2009 OR 8 established for extra theatre with full fledged
2009 11th Indian Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Conference held in Bagayam,Vellore
2011 Neuro High Dependency Unit was renovated with 4 trauma ICU beds, a 12 bedded HDU and a 6 bedded trauma ward in 19th January 2011
2011 Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory renovated on 13th June 2011
2011 Neurosurgery seats increased from 3 to 4
2011 13th Annual Conference of Skull Base Surgery Society of India held in Bagayam, Vellore
2011 60th Year of the Department Celebrated
2012 B.Sc. in Neuroelectrophysiology Started
2014 IAN Clinical Neurophysiology Subsection Workshop On Electromyoneurography and Autonomic Disorders held in Bagayam
2016 DM Neurology seats increased from 2 to 4