1.1 Aim of the Competency Based Training for Nurses:
The competency training program assists the qualified nurses to strengthen their basic skills and develop specific competencies required for nursing practice in CMC
1.2 Objective of the Competency Based Training for Nurses:
  1. Update and apply clinical knowledge for safe and competent nursing practice
  2. Enhance basic skills and develop specific competencies related to nursing care of patients admitted in CMC
  3. Strengthen value systems to provide care to patients based on ethical and legal principles
  4. Communicate and collaborate effectively within the health care team
  5. Apply basic principles in health education, rehabilitation and counseling
1.3 Course Content:
  1. Introduction to Institution &Organization ,Policies and Protocol
  2. Interpersonal / Soft Skills & Communication Skills
  3. C.P.R, Emergency & Disaster Management
  4. Organization and Management of Care
  5. DDA Drugs and common medications , action and side effects
  6. Quality Assurance in Nursing
  7. Professional , Legal & Ethical Practices in Nursing
2.1 Applications: (Kindly read the Terms and Condition before applying)
Those who wish to undergo this training should send the filled up Application form and the Terms and Conditions to the Nursing Superintendent. If the information given in the application is found to be false or incorrect before the training, applications will be rejected, if it is found out during the training period they are liable for summary termination without notice or compensation
Registration to the Three Months Competency Based Training is subject to medical fitness.
2.2. Age Limit:21-30 years
2.3. Qualification: B.Sc./ Diploma in Nursing
Preference will be given to the candidates who have been trained in Mission Hospital or in School/College of Nursing, that has its own hospital (minimum of 150 beds) for practice and relevant clinical experience. Before the candidate can be accepted for the training programme, he/she is required to register with the Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council.
2.4. Stipend:As per rules
3. Status:
For all purpose the trainees are not considered as employees of C.M.C. They do not have any claim for any employment in the Institution after the training period. There is no assurance that the trainees who complete training will be given employment in C.M.C. The management reserves the right to terminate the training without any notice or compensation or without assigning any reason.
Click here to download the Terms & Condition and Application form
Dr. Premila Lee
Nursing Superintendent