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Change agents

Change agent: A person who has initiated significant, positive change within his/her social, professional or larger circles. 
(This list does not include our alumni)

B C F G L M R S 

Brand, Paul 
Pioneering hand surgeon who developed tendon transfer techniques that revolutionised the way leprosy patients were treated. Read more 


Chandy, Jacob 
Padmabhushan Jacob Chandy (right) was the first neurosurgeon of India and is regarded as the father of neurosurgery in India. Dr. Chandy, who trained in various places abroad was invited by the then Director, Robert Cochrane, to join CMC Vellore. He started the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at CMC, the first of its kind in the country. Read more


Fenn, Anantha Shanti
A S Fenn who was a visionary surgeon, a popular principal and a beloved teacher, had a colourful personality and contagious joie de vivre. Dr. Fenn is also remembered for his compassion and concern for the economically disadvantaged and the marginalised. Read more 

Fillebrown, Rachel 
Rachel Fillebrown, who has born in 1986 in Massachusetts, USA, donated the entire money she received as gifts for her wedding - 10,000 dollars - to CMC, to build the first hostel for staff and student nurses in the year 1922. Sadly, she was not able to visit CMC during her lifetime to see her wedding gift that had been a tremendous blessing to hundreds of nurses. Read more

Findlay, Jessie 
Former Chief of Surgery, who served here even during the uncertain and troubled years of the Second World War, although most of the other staff from overseas went home to wait out the War. 


Gault, Edward 
Missionary, pathologist, surgeon, teacher, academic and researcher: Dr. Gault's (left) commitment and calling represented the best that CMC has to offer in education. Read more

Gass, Herbert 
The Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy in CMC started in 1949, under the headship of Herbert Gass. Born in India of German-American parents, Dr. Gass was passionate about leprosy and helped set up the SLRTC, Karigiri. Dr. Paul Brand, describes Gass as one who “did justice, loved mercy and walked humbly with his God”. Read the full article by Dr. Brand.   


Lazarus, Hilda  

Padmashri Hilda Lazarus, one of the foremost physicians of her time, was CMC's first Indian principal and its first Indian director (1948 to 1954). It was during her principalship that the institution was first granted permanent affiliation to the Madras University, and also opened its doors to male medical students for the first time. Read more

Macpherson, Norman

Norman Stewart Macpherson (right) came to Christian Medical College, Vellore in response to Ida Scudder’s request in 1944, when the decision was made to treat male patients in the hospital Dr. Macpherson was the first male surgeon and first faculty with the University and Medical Council of India-recognised postgraduate qualification, FRCS. Hence, he was also the first postgraduate teacher to be appointed to the department of General Surgery. Read more 
Rambo, Victor Clough Dr. Victor C. Rambo Victor Rambo was an American medical missionary who was the first to conduct 'eye camps' in the country. Rambo was chief of CMC's Opthalmology department from 1947 to 1958 though he was famous as a sight-restoring doctor - nothing short of a miracle-worker for many of the poor villagers - even before that, during his time at the Christian Hospital, Mungeli. Read more


Savarirayan, Sanjeevi
Rev. Sanjeevi Savarirayan (right), one of the first Indians to have an MBA degree, was the General Superintendent of CMC during some of its most challenging years, and carried out his duties in this role with the utmost dedication and efficiency. 

Scudder, Ida Belle 

Ida B. Scudder, niece to Ida Scudder, developed Radiology in CMC and was a pioneer of Radiotherapy, bringing its benefits to tens of thousands of cancer sufferers in southern India. Read more.

Somerville, Theodore Howard 
Medical missionary and Renaissance Man par excellence, Somervell, the legendary surgeon who served at CMC, was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind, the OBE and an Olympic Gold for his achievements in mountaineering. Read more