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OPD Timings
 Accident & Emergency  Dr. K. P. P. Abhilash  0416-228-2225  
 Anaesthesia  Dr. Ekta Rai  0416-228-2105
 Blood Bank
 Blood Bank Lab 0416-228-2538
 Blood Bank   consultant  0416-228-2093    
Cardio-thoracic Surgery

 Overall  Dr. Madhu Andrew   Philip    

 Unit 1  Dr. Madhu Andrew   Philip


Mon, Thu
Unit 2  Dr. Korah T.   Kuruvila
Tue, Fri 
Unit 3  Dr. Roy Thankachen 0416-228-2029
 Wed, Fri
 Cardiology  Overall
 Dr. Viji Samuel Thomson

 Unit 1  Dr. Viji Samuel     Thomson 0416-228-2698  Tue, Fri
 Unit 2  Dr. John Jose E 0416-228-2631 Mon, Thu
 Unit 3  Dr. Anoop George Alex 0416-228-3647  Wed, Sat
 Unit 4  Dr. David Chase 0416-228-3572
Tue, Thu - General

Tue, Fri (Private)
Dr. John Roshan Jacob

Mon, Thu (Private) 
Dr. David Chase
 Child Health  Overall  Dr. Leni Mathew      
 Unit 1  Dr. Anna Simon  0416-228-3350
Mon, Thu 
 Unit 2  Dr. Sathish Kumar  0416-228-3348
Wed, Sat
 Unit 3  Dr. Sneha Varkki  0416-228-3343
Tue, Fri
Clinical Biochemistry    0416-228-2170
Clinical Microbiology  Dr. Joy Sarojini   Micheal   0416-228-2588
Clinical Virology  Dr. Shobha   Mammen  0416-228-3455
 Dental and Oral Surgery  Overall Dr. Santosh Koshy      
 Unit 1 Dr. Rabin Chacko  0416-228-3641
 Mon, Wed, Fri
 Unit 2 Dr. Soumya S.V

 Tue, Thu, Sat

 Overall  Dr. Susan A   Pulimood      
 Derm 1  Dr. Renu George  0416-228-3527
 Mon, Wed, Fri
 Derm 2  Dr. Susan A   Pulimood
 0416-228-2054   Tue, Thu, Sat
 Developmental Paediatrics   Dr. Beena Koshy  0416-228-3260 Mon, Thu (Private)
Dr. Beena Koshy
Dr. Samuel P Oommen 

Fri - General
 ENT Department  Overall Dr. Rita Ruby Anbuselvi      
 Unit 1 Dr. Rajan Sundaresan V  0416-228-2075
 Mon, Wed
 Unit 2 Dr. Ajoy M Varghese

 Tue, Thu
 Unit 3 Dr. Reji Kurien

 Wed, Fri
 Unit 4 Dr. Ann Mary Augustine

 Mon, Thu
 Unit 5 Dr. Suma Susan Mathews

 Tue, Fri

 Overall Dr. Thomas V Paul      
 Unit 1 Dr. Nitin Kapoor    
 Unit 2 Dr. Thomas V Paul

 Overall Dr. Ebby George Simon      
 Unit 1 Dr. Ebby George Simon    
 Unit 2 Dr. Sudipta Dar Chowdhury
 Unit 3 Dr. Reuben Thomas Kurien
 Geriatrics  Dr. Prasad Mathews 0416-228-2943
 Tue, Fri
 Gynae-oncology  Dr. Anitha Thomas 0416-228-3395
 Mon, Thu
 HLRS - Hand and Leprosy Reconstructive Surgery   Dr. Samuel C Raj    Pallapati  0416-228-2924
 Mon, Wed, Sat


Dr. Biju George
Tue, Fri
 Hepatology  Dr. Uday George Zachariah 0416-228-2496
 Mon. Thu
 Head and Neck Surgery  Overall  Dr. Rajiv Michael

 Unit 1   Dr. Rajiv Michael 0416-228-2269
 Mon, Wed
Unit 2   Dr. Amit Jiwan   Tirkey 0416-228-2581 Mon, Thu
 Infectious Diseases  Dr. Priscilla Rupali  0416-228-2804 Tue, Fri
 Medical Intensive Care Unit   Dr. Kishore Kumar   Pichamuthu       
 Medical Oncology  Dr. Ashish Singh 0416-228-3040
 Mon, Wed, Fri
 Medicine  Overall   Dr. Samuel George  Hansdak     
 Unit 1  Dr. Alice Joan   Mathuram  0416-228-2089  Tue, Fri
 Unit 2  Dr. Thambu David  0416-228-2031  Mon, Thu
 Unit 3  Dr. Sudha Jasmine   S  0416-228-2039  Mon, Wed
 Unit 4  Dr. Samuel George  Hansdak   0416-228-2921  Tue, Thu
 Unit 5  Dr. Ramya I.  0416-228-3452  Wed, Fri
 Neonatology    Dr. Santhanam   Sridhar  0416-228-3311
High risk infant clinic (HRIC) -
Tue PM

Low risk infant clinic (LRIC) -
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri - AM
 Nephrology Overall  Dr. Vinoi George  David      
Unit 1  Dr. Vinoi George  David  0416-228-2053
Unit 2  Dr. Santhosh  Varughese 0416-228-2053
Unit 3  Dr. Suceena  Alexander      
 Neuromedicine  Dr. Sanjit Aaron 0416-228-2018
Tue, Fri
 Neurosurgery Overall  Dr. Sanjit Aaron      
Unit 1 Dr. Krishna Prabhu R  0416-228-3031
 Mon, Thu
Unit 2  Dr. Ranjith K Moorthy 0416-228-2767
 Tue, Fri
Unit 3   Dr. Vivek Joseph 0416-228-2448  Wed, Sat
 Nuclear Medicine  Dr. Julie Hepzibah
 Mon, Thu
 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Overall        
OG-1  Dr. Elsy Thomas  0416-228-3399  Mon-AM,   Wed Full  Thu-AM
OG-2  Dr. Lilly Varghese 0416-228-3397  Tue, Fri
OG-3   Dr. Anuja Abraham

0416-228-3399  Wed - AM/PM   Thu-AM
 Dr. Manisha Madhai Beck 0416-228-6185 Tue-AM  Fri-AM
 Dr. Jiji Elizabeth Mathew 0416-228-6172 Mon-AM/PM Thu-PM


 Dr. Vinoo M.Cherian      

Unit 1
 Dr. Dan Barnabas   Inja 0416-228-2020
 Mon, Thu
Unit 2
 Dr. Pradeep M. Poonnoose 0416-228-2081
 Tue, Fri
Unit 3
 Dr. Sumant Samuel 0416-228-2091
 Wed, Sat
Spine disorders Unit
 Dr.K Venkatesh 0416-228-2731
 Mon, Thu
 Paediatric  Orthopaedics
  Dr.Thomas Palocaran 0416-228-2172  Tue, Fri
 Ophthalmology Overall  Dr. Lekha Mary  Abraham      
Unit 1  Dr. Lekha Mary  Abraham  0416-228-1201
 Mon, Wed, Fri
Unit 2  Dr. Jeyanth Suresh  Rose 0416-228-1309
 Tue, Thu, Sat
Unit 3  Dr. Sheeja   Susan John  0416-228-1271  
Unit 4  Dr. Deepa John      
Unit 5  Dr. Satheesh  Solomon T Selvin      
Unit 6  Dr. Anika  Amritanand      
 PMR - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
Overall  Dr. Raji Thomas    
 Unit 1  Dr. Judy Ann John  0416-228-2158 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
 Unit 2  Dr. Jacob George  0416-228-2158 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
 Palliative Care Unit  Dr. Jenifer Jeba S 0416-228-3159 Town Campus (OPD Building:PCF Extn 1st Floor)

Mon (Full day)
Tues (Full day)
Wed (Afternoon)
Thurs(Full day)
Friday (Full day)

Ranipet Campus
(A002, Basement, Room nos 27-32)

Mon,Tue,Thur, Fri (Full day)
Wed (Afternoon)

 Paediatric Emergency Medicine  Dr. Debasis Das  Adhikari  0416-228-3511 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
 Paediatric ICU  Dr. Kala Ranjini  Sundaravalli       
 Pediatric Surgery
 Overall  Dr. Ravi Kishore 0416-228-3369  
 Unit 1   Dr. Ravi Kishore 
 Unit 2   Dr. John Mathai

 Plastic Surgery  Overall  Dr. Shashank Lamba
Unit 1   Dr. Shashank Lamba 0416-228-2017  Wed, Sat
Unit 2   Dr. Ashish Kumar Gupta
0416-228-3639  Tue, Fri

 Overall    Dr. Paul S Russell  0416-228-4516  Mon, Thu
 Unit 1 Dr. Rajesh Gopala Krishnan
 Unit 2  Dr. Deepa Ramaswamy  0416-228-4520 Tue, Fri
Unit 3  Dr. Arun R  0416-228-4259  Wed, Sat
 Pulmonary Medicine   Overall Dr. Balamugesh T

Tue, Fri, Wed, Sat
                                          Acting Head Dr. Richa Gupta
Dr. Barney Isaac

 Dr.  Gibikote Sridhar 0416-228-2027
0416-228-3012  Dr. Gibikote Sridhar
 Radiotherapy Overall  Dr. Simon Pradeep Pavamani
Unit 1  Dr. Thomas Samuel Ram 0416-228-2046  Mon (PM), Wed (AM), Fri (AM)
Unit 2   Dr. Simon Pradeep Pavamani 0416-228-2046  Mon (AM), Thu (AM/PM)
Unit 3  Dr. B. Selvamani 0416-228-3145  Tue (AM/PM), Wed (PM), Fri (PM)
 Rehabilitation Institute   Dr. Raji Thomas  0416-228-5274  
 Rheumatology  Dr. John Mathew 0416-228-2529
 Mon, Thur
 Dr. Mark R Jesudason
 Unit 1 Dr. Pranay Gaikwad
 0416-228-2082  Mon, Thu
 Unit 2  Dr. Mark R Jesudason 0416-228-2159  Tue, Fri
 Unit 3  Dr. Inian S
0416-228-2079  Wed, Sat
 Unit 4  Dr. Sukriya Nayak
0416-228-2441  Mon, Thu
Surgery / Endocrine Surgery

 Dr. Paul M. J.  0416-228-2609  Wed, Sat
 Surgery / Hepato Pancreato Biliary (HPB) Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju  0416-228-3428  Mon, Thu
 Surgery / Vascular Surgery
 Dr. Deepak Selvaraj
 0416-228-2085  Tue, Fri
 Transfusion Medicine & Immunohaematology   Dr. Dolly Daniel 0416-228-2533  
 Urology  Overall  
Unit 1  Dr. Antony Devasia  0416-228-2055  Mon, Thu
Unit 2   Dr. Santosh Kumar 0416-228-2111   Tue, Fri


 Department / Unit / Office   Head /  Person-in-charge  Phone no   Email Id  OPD Timings 
 Community Health department   Dr. Vinod Joseph  Abraham
 RUHSA  - Rural Unit of Health and Social Affairs   Dr. Biswajit Paul 8300031305
 LCECU - Low Cost Effective Care Unit   Dr. Sunil Abraham 0416-228-1231

 Dr. Viji Samuel     Thomson