Not to be ministered unto but to minister


The statistics of a typical day at CMC show more than 8, 500 outpatients, more than 2000 inpatients, over 150 operations and over 50 births. For the staff of CMC, called to work in the healing ministry, these are not numbers. They are people whom they have been called to serve. Does this attitude make a difference to those who are receiving their care? Listen to their stories. 

Sruti who was treated at CMC, is now a leader and a role model for the differently abled: 

Why do people travel to the Christian Medical College
 Vellore from all over India and beyond?
 Meet three patients with very different needs.  What they share is the  trust that is at the heart of CMC: 
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When the former head of CMC's Department of Psychiatry was introduced to the mentally ill on the streets of Vellore, she was amazed to discover a completely new way of addressing the needy through the support of the local people: Watch the video

Central to CMC's commitment to education is a "hands-on" approach
See how this is put into practise for student nurses and student doctors both in the hospital and out in the community: Watch the video

Jet-lagged and in shock, I waited on a bright red couch in a small room labelled ‘Counselling’ right off the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Read more

Rosy and Clinton are a very caring couple
, who have been married for 19 years. He is a tailor. She assists him with hemming and with sewing buttons and runs the home efficiently. Read more

Thirty-five-year-old Raja lives in a small village called Kenganayakkampatti in South Tamil Nadu, located about 90 km away from Vellore. He has two sons and a daughter, all below the age of 10, and they live together in a cramped house, without a toilet or running water. Read more

Jisha is three and a half years old, the first born of Chellappan and Ragini. Back home in Tirupur (350 km from Vellore) her little brother Gopal anxiously awaits news. 
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Kesavan, a daily wage labourer contracted leprosy at a very young ageHe is illiterate as he had lost his parents very early in life. Read more

Vellore hospital in the 1930s: A patient’s view: By Mrs. G. Bevan

Read more patient stories on the website of the Vellore CMC Foundation