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Patient Stories

Ahila's dream: build houses for poor 

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on the 10th of September every year, around the world. This year’s theme is 'Working Together to Prevent Suicide'. Here is the story of a family who now know the adverse effects of suicide. Read more 

Hope for the hopeless

Kamu* is from a remote village in West Bengal. He was 9 years old when he met the doctors at CMC. He does well at school and is well known for his sense of humour among his friends. He was normal at birth. But by two years old, his tummy was big (distended). Read more

Baby Vishal's 1000 km bike ride 

Baby Vishal* is the joy of his parents. The family migrated for employment from their village in Tamil Nadu to a city near Mumbai. Early this year, baby Vishal fell sick with fever, diarrhea and vomiting. A local clinic couldn’t help him. So they went to a big hospital in Mumbai and doctors gave them shocking news – it was blood cancer. Read more

Rohit's Lockdown Story 

Rohit* and his family from West Bengal are stranded in Vellore. Rohit has a rare type of skin cancer. Read more 

Suja's ray of sunshine 

Suja* has been in a wheelchair, due to paraplegia, since she was 14 years old. Pregnant with her first baby, she went into labour during lockdown. Read more 


Why do people travel to the 
Christian Medical College Vellore 
from all over India and beyond?
Meet three patients with very different needs.  


Discover a completely new way of addressing
the needs of the mentally ill on the streets 

through the support of the local people.

Central to CMC's commitment
to education is a "hands-on" approach. 

Come and see how this is put into practice.

Sruti who was treated at CMC, is
now a leader and a role model
for the differently abled.


Desing, a 50 year-old daily wage labourer, is full of gratitude. In December 2019, he vomited blood and his family rushed him to CMC. Read more 

   New Lease of life 

Mr. Prakasam came to CMC in his early teens. In keeping with its mission of holistic care, CMC not only treated him for his leprosy - a disease which carries a lot of social stigma - but also rehabilitated him, providing him with a job and a safe place to be

Eventually, he got back into mainstream society and today, he is a happy father to three children as well as a trusted meat and egg-seller on campus. Apart from the income he makes from this job, he also has his pension from CMC where he worked from a young age till his retirement at 60. 

"Though I suffered a lot as a child, I am now a happy man. I owe everything to the doctors and other members of the CMC community, who have looked after me in a hundred big and small ways throughout my life," he says 
with a smile brimming with confidence and contentment. 


Saving Baby Shaheed

One-year old Shaheed*, from a small village in Jharkhand, had high fever for 15 days. His family noticed a swelling in front of his ears. Read more

Road safety is no accident 

Selvan* is one among thousands of educated youth searching for jobs in Bengaluru. He needs to support his elderly parents and younger brother’s education. Frustrated with weeks of fruitless search, Selvan came to his hometown for a fun weekend. Read more

New Year, New Life! 
Purnima’s parents were devastated to learn that their only child had severe kidney failure. Purnima was a bright college student, a topper in her class. Read more 

The Miracle of Christmas! 

Madhubala’s family lives in the slums of Vellore. Many years after her marriage, Madhubala was delighted to learn she was pregnant. Read more  

Surgery gives 5-mth-old gift of hearing 

On the 10th of December 2019, a five-month-old baby weighing only 4.3 kg underwent cochlear implant surgery (his X-ray is seen on the right) at CMC, becoming the youngest recipient of a cochlear implant in India. Read more

We saved my mothers foot 

Mukund* was brought up by his mother, Indira*, a strong and unusual woman. Read more

My right hand 

One evening, Ayesha* was travelling with her family in Andhra Pradesh. Tired from a long day, the 35-year old leaned against the bus window and fell asleep. Read more

Racing to recovery

Rani 58, is a widow from Vellore. She lives with her three sons, daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren. 
Read more

Amrita* was getting her family ready for the day, when suddenly her face became distorted and paralysed on one sideWithin minutes, her right arm and leg became limp, and she couldn’t stand. Immediately, her family rushed her to CMC Hospital. By this time, she couldn’t speak. “She is having a massive stroke,” the Emergency doctors alerted the Rapid Response Stroke Team. 

Amrita had a big clot blocking blood flow to her brain. Since she arrived early, the team were hopeful of rescuing her from permanent brain damage. Within half an hour, they successfully removed the clot and saved her. The very next day, she was able to move her arm. Within two weeks, she was smiling, walking and even talking a little bit. Speech therapists and rehabilitation specialists are helping her get better.

Dhanya's story 

Dhanya* is a cheerful girl from the slums of Vellore. However she was born with a weak right leg. Read more

Her head held high

Hema* and her family live in a small tribal village in central India. Five years ago, the teenager began to have shooting pain in her legs and knees. The pain spread to her back. Read more

Rosy and Clinton are a very caring couple, who have been married for 19 years. He is a tailor. Read more

Thirty-five-year-old Raja lives in a small village 
in South Tamil Nadu. He has two sons and a daughter and they live together in a cramped house, without a toilet or running water. Read more

Jisha is three and a half years old, the first born of Chellappan and Ragini. 
Read more 

Tryst with destiny

Hameed and Armaan, aged five and three years, were brought to us by their poor parents, from Bengaluru in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Read more

Bridging the gap  

In 1964, James, a young tribal boy from a forest village in Jharkhand, travelled to Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Read more

Jet-lagged and in shock, I waited on a bright red couch in a small room labelled ‘Counselling’ right off the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Read more 

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