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FAQs regarding COVID – 19 lockdown travel restrict

In general, during COVID-19 restrictions, patients are advised not to attend any hospital unless it is essential.

Q: For how long will this last?

Ans: The period will be till the date set by the Government.

Q: Will CMC OPD be closed during lockdown? 

Ans: OPD is not closed, you can come on your appointment date for consultation.

Q: Can I cancel and get refund for my appointment?

Ans: Cancellation and refund of appointment is not possible but the date of appointment can be changed to a later date.

Q: How can I change my appointment date online? 

Ans: Kindly login to the CMC website, with your hospital number and the year of birth. Then click the 'Date change' button and proceed to change the date.

Q: How many times can I change the date of my appointment postpone?  

Ans: Now you can change the date of your appointment online 3 times on the CMC website. 

Q: On choosing another appointment date in the “change date” option, I am asked to pay Rs 650/- towards “renewal consultation”. What should I do?

Ans: This is the usual rate if 3 months has passed since you last paid a similar amount. Please make this payment. When you come to CMC, please bring BOTH the Rs 270/- receipt of your original appointment along with Rs 650/- receipt of your fresh appointment. As a special case, we will refund the Rs 270/-.

Q: I am not sure when I can travel; how can I choose a date to postpone?

Ans: Please postpone to any future date of your choice now. Later, you can change it again after your visit plans are finalised.

Q: By when should I do this postponement? 

Ans: Please make sure you make the date change before the date of your appointment. Once the date of appointment arrives, you cannot postpone it.

Q: I am not able to change my appointment date online. What to do?

Ans: Please phone the CMC appointment helpline: 9498763101 or 9498763201 from  8 am to 4.30  pm. The CMC Exchange number is 0416 2282500  /  9498760000.

Q: I need to change my surgery date as I am not able to come to CMC during lockdown, what should I do? 

Ans: Kindly contact your doctor’s office by email to inform and make changes. You may also check the list of email I.D available in the patient guide book on the CMC website.


Q: I have a medical emergency. Will I be seen? 

Ans: Rest assured that CMC continues to offer all services.  All patients who need emergency or essential care will be seen. They will be admitted if necessary, depending on availability of beds.

Q: I am concerned about my long term condition (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) that needs evaluation and medicines. What should I do?

Ans: Consult a nearby doctor; get medicines from a nearby pharmacy. If your condition requires detailed evaluation, email your doctor, and if she/ he advises, book an online appointment and you will be seen. 

Q: Can I take the same medicines as I am not able to come to CMC?

Ans: You could contact your treating doctor in CMC by email for clarification regarding medicines. The email can be found on your medical report / discharge summary given from CMC.

Q: I am pregnant and have been having regular antenatal checkups at CMC. What should I do?

Ans: If possible, you can come for your regular visits. Also, you can email your doctor at the department email available on the website. Your doctors will advise you on the minimum visits required. If you have any concerns, please report to the hospital even if you do not have an appointment.

Q: Can I have my delivery at CMC?

Ans: Yes, you can.

Q: I am currently undergoing radiation therapy.  Will it continue during this period of lock down?

Ans: Yes, the treatment will continue as planned by your oncologist for you. 

Q: Can I change the date of my radiology appointments (X-ray, USG, MRI, CT)? 

Ans: Yes, for change of radiology appointments kindly call 0416-2283015. Or email to radiology department at

Q:  I am currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Will it continue during this period of lockdown?

Ans: Yes, the treatment will continue as planned by your oncologist for you. 

Q: I need to get my repeat medicines only.

Ans: Please get them from your local pharmacy for now.