Opportunities to help

This page features personal appeals by beleaguered physicians and surgeons working in mission hospitals in remote parts of the country.

Simdega - Shanthi Bhavan Hospital 

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is a 125 bed modern hospital located in the remote village of Simdega District. This hospital was inaugurated in Feb 2014. Shanti Bhavan Medical Center was founded by N.J. Varughese. N.J. and his wife, Ellen, spent many years of their lives in Simdega District, Jharkhand.

Request for Junior Doctors

At present there are only two doctors, me and my wife. The other one is down with corona. No junior doctors, not a single so we both to attend all the calls and medical emergencies and covid deaths. I am very much concerned about this hospital and need to develop a good team. Just 2 or 3 juniors will suffice to start the basic services.  

Dr.Rajdayal Singh
Contact No: 6260939657 

Christian Hospital Mungeli, 
Chhattisgarh - https://chmungeli.org/about/

Founded in 1896, Christian Hospital Mungeli (CHM) is a 120-bed hospital which provides a broad spectrum of modern medical services to the people of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, and the surrounding districts. Chhattisgarh state’s first low-cost Cancer unit  utilizing BHABHATRON-II , a Cobalt-60 radiation machine, has been fully functional since June 2016 and providing cancer treatment with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy . CHM also operates a nursing school and administers the 950-student Rambo Memorial English Medium School.

Christian Hospital Mungeli is owned and operated by the Church of North India’s Eastern Regional Board of Health Services.

Wanted General Surgeons

I am Dr Sapan Kumar MBBS, MD Respiratory Medicine belonging to CMC Vellore UG batch of 2004, am currently appointed as additional director of Christian Hospital Mungeli and my wife Dr Priyamvada Singh MBBS, DGO, MD obstetrics and geology from CMC ludhiana is currently serving as the director of Christian Hospital Mungeli. We have recently joined Mungeli and have taken up the challenge to revive this place.  

In this covid era we see a lot of surgical patents are neglected for emergency and basic surgical care. Christian Hospital Mungeli has a good surgical setup but we currently lack a surgeon. Their are no good surgical setup around Mungeli. Unfortunately we have to tum them away due to lack of a surgeon in our hospital. Sir we request you to provide us with suggestions to cater our surgical need or get in touch with individual who may be interested in working in mission hospital general surgeon.  

Currently, we are seeing the tsunami of covid in our state of Chattishgarh which has severely crippled our work force to cater such a huge number of critically ill patients. Sir we also request you to provide us with junior doctor who would be willing for an experience in mission hospital.  

Dr Sapan Kumar and Dr Priyamvada Singh, Christian Hospital Mungeli, Chhattisgarh 

Prem Jyoti community Hospital, Jharkhand - https://eha-health.org/hospitals/prem-jyoti-community-hospital

The Prem Jyoti community hospital was started in December 1996 as a unique partnership between three major Indian mission agencies: the Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR), and the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) to address the health needs of the Malto tribals - a diminishing tribal group, in the northeastern corner of Jharkhand. It focused mainly on their health needs, through a network of community health volunteers, peripheral clinics and a hospital. Emphasis was given on training and empowering the community to tackle health problems. Since 2011 the focus has broadened beyond health to address the social determinants of health 

Wanted Gynaecologist and Obstetrician 

I am Dr.K lalmuanzuala currently working as a Medical Superintendent in Prem Jyoti Community hospital, Jharkhand under Emmanuel Hospital Association. Our hospital was founded to serve the Malto tribal who are one of the extinct tribe in India. According to ministry of Panchayati Raj 2006, the district we serve is one of the backward district in the whole India. We serve mostly underprivileged society.

We have been running our labour room and conduct Emergency LSCS in the absence of an obstetrician / Surgeon since the past 2 years. The obstetric cases we manage in our hospital are mostly complicated who are referred from other centre. However we feel that it is not right to take up any more cases for caesarean due to legal issues.   

In desperate need for an obstetrician

Lalmuanzuala, Medical Superintendent, Prem Jyoti Community Hospital, Jharkhand. 

Khariar - Evangelical hospital Khariar - 

The Evangelical Hospital-Khariar is a hospital located in the Nuapada District of Orissa, India. It is currently the leading non-government health institution in the State of Orissa and Eastern Chhattisgarh, and it provides the best medical care for each patient that enters the hospital, regardless of income.

Wanted Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

I am an alumnus of CMC Vellore working in Evangelical hospital khariarodisha for last 9 years after my surgical specialty training. This is a 110 bedded, 91 years old secondary level hospital with all broad specialty services. Recently, as Christian hospital Mungeli, which is a sister hospital of ERBHS (Eastern regional board of health services) was going through lot of problems, the present obstetrician, Dr Priyamvada singh was transferred as director to prevent the collapse of that mission hospital. 

We are in need of an obstetrician.

Dr Nibedita Pramanik, Director, 9938915561  


Oddanchatram - CFH
 - ODC - http://www.cfhospital.org/

The Christian Fellowship Hospital (CFH) is run by the Christian Fellowship, a charitable society that was established by a small group in 1955. It has grown into a unique setup where the poor are given the best medical treatment without discrimination simultaneously maintaining high levels of academic standards. It is a community where simplicity is practised and the love of Christ is shown in action. Students here strive not only for academic excellence but also are taught Christian values. 

Needs for COVID care

"We have reached the end of our oxygen...our regular distributors are unable to supply...we are sending off patients who need oxygen...the greatest tragedy to happen here...put up boards ...no oxygen... unable to admit sick patients...we solicit your prayers..." 

[5/7, 8:48 AM] Magdalene

Christian Fellowship Hospital, 
Oddanchatram, is in urgent need of the following to provide better care for the Covid-afflicted.

Equipment no.s are detailed below

1. Multipara monitors- 5 
2. Bipap machine- 5 
3. O2 concentrators-5 
4. HFNC-2 
5. Ventilators-2 
6. Infusion pumps- 5 
7. ICU cots- 5 
8. Trolleys -5 
9. Portable ventilator-1 

If you are burdened to donate, CF Hospitals emergency bank account details. 

Acc No: 0489053000000909 
Acc Name: The Christian Fellowship  
IFSC code: SIBL0000489 

Also, pls send  an email to mscfhospital@gmail.com stating the purpose-to buy oxygen concentrator, ventilator etc.... 

Dr.George Philip  

TLMTI Community Hospital - Faizabad 

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) is committed to providing the best leprosy care to people affected by leprosy, and the best healthcare to the general public in various medical specialities. Through its community outreach initiatives, TLMTI engages with and educates rural communities on matters of health, and provides them health check-ups and medical care. Its Health programme is implemented through a network of 14 hospitals and two clinics spread across 10 states of India.


Need for ICU equipment for COVID Care  

We will need 2 quantity of machines from each items ( CPAP, BiPAP and Ventilator) , to begin a ICU with our present capacity and later on shall expend.  

The present situation helped us to realise more the need of such facility in our location. Even otherwise, In and around Ayodhya there are no such mission hospital to provide quality with affordable health facility especially for those who are economically not sound. There are so many patients who come to our hospital , travelling distance due to trust and the good will but we had to turn them back just because we do not have certain facilities. ICU facility is one among them. 

The training program on COVID critical care by CMC Distance education gave us some hope that we can start an ICU facility in our hospital. 

Bino Berry 

TLMTI Community Hospital | Motinagar | Allahabad Road | Faizabad | District Faizabad | Uttar Pradesh | 224201
Phone: +91 8489947602 | Skype: binoberry | Web: www.tlmindia.org

Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital - Robertsganj - https://eha-health.org/hospitals/jiwan-jyoti-christian-hospital

Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital was started in early 1930s as a small medical centre by missionary nurses of Crosslinks. It is situated in Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh. The 100 beds hospital extends medical services to a large part of the local population in Robertsganj, UP as well as neighboring states. Medical services include Eye, Medicine, Ortho, Dental & support services. The CH program promotes & creates awareness of the RSBY Scheme in the communities.

Need for ENT equipment and instruments 

We are a unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association serving a very needy and underserved area in eastern
 Uttar Pradesh. 

By the grace of God, we were able to start the ENT department in June 2018 with the joining of CMCV alumni,Dr Thanooja C V.Being in a needy area ,with no ENT services available in the catchment area,the department has been growing well. We need help for the purchase of some ENT equipment and instruments. 

Dr Subodh Rath, Medical Director, Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital, Robertsganj 
District Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh  

subodh.rath03@gmail.com, Mobile 8004940945, 9559930172