… guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour … Psalm 25: 5
The psalmist’s prayer underlines the purpose of this new book. It succeeds the 1994 edition of The Doctor’s Life Support, published by the Christian Medical Fellowship (UK) for the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA). Daily devotional readings from ICMDA members highlight spiritual lessons from their clinical and dental practice and aim to bring support and nourishment to workers in, and perhaps users of, the health care services. Some contributions come from areas where fear of persecution may exist.
Each entry starts with a short Bible quotation and ends with suggestions for further Bible study on that day’s theme. The New International Version is used unless otherwise stated. The new format, the desire to achieve a reasonably consistent style, and especially the needs of readers whose first language is not English, have all called for considerable sifting and editing. We hope that all who have contributed will understand and accept this for the sake of our diverse readership.
Our shared belief is that the Bible, as God’s word, provides the bedrock on which the best health care can be provided. Through our Lord Jesus Christ we are able to offer more than physical healing when we serve others in the power of his Love. Both as writers and readers, we are so much blessed by the growing work and fellowship of the ICMDA, yet many members also experience loneliness and hardship. We hope that this new ‘Life Support’ will live up to its name, bringing just the right word for the day to any who are finding it a struggle to show and to share God’s love within this needy world.
Our prayer is that each of us will find help each day to lean harder on our loving Lord, to listen to and obey his word, and to find fresh energy from his Holy Spirit as we seek to work for him.
George Chalmers
Janet Goodall
Harold Jones
Keith Sanders