From the frontlines

Heartwarming stories from CMC's frontlines 

Bus drivers, canteen managers, security guards, doctors, nurses, a crisis, everyone contributes; everyone counts. 

One thing that has been brought to the world’s attention during the pandemic is how much the actions of an individual count. To preserve or to destroy hard-won gains. CMC has always believed in the difference that one individual can make and has tried to empower employees across all levels with a sense of empowerment and ownership. 

It probably goes back to a time when any help made a world of difference to a woman and her small dedicated team who were trying to change the world around them. Our founder, Ida Scudder, when working in the early 1900s, enlisted the help of anyone who could be trained, including the drivers of mobile clinics and village women, who would go on to become assistants and compounders. No one’s contribution was beneath her and she was rewarded with their loyalty and enthusiasm, despite no promises of material advantages.  


In the driver's seat    The final journey
Shelter from the storm     We will take care of you
Cleanliness is next to godliness
  When a child is born
Out of my comfort zone   Knowledge is power
Smile, Thank You, Please    Safety first!
Messengers of Peace     Treating people, not patients
Wisdom from a wheelchair    Food for thought
 The extra mile   A state of emergency
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In the driver's seat

I am a senior driver in the transport department. I am 58 years old and have learned a lot about commitment and dedication to work, in CMC.
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The final journey 

The After Life Services (ALS) are a crucial part of CMC. Our duty is to arrange everything for the family after the death of a patient. This is the final stage of our journey on this earth. Read more

Shelter from the storm

The rumours and misinformation were especially hard to deal with. Patients came in thousands to CMC asking for a letter which will allow them to travel.  But no such letters were permitted or authorised by the Government. Read more 

We will take care of you!

When ICU patients gain consciousness, we worry they may be scared seeing a sea of blue and white 'astronauts' walking around them. However, one patient set us at ease by saying we look like ‘bommais’ (dolls) waddling around her! Read more

Cleanliness is next to godliness

The biggest worry for me is the sudden increase in the solid waste from the ward. We used to collect 7 to 9 bags on a daily basis before. Now we collect 30 bags of waste every day. The amount of laundry has also increased. Read more

When a child is born

We also receive patients in the ‘high risk pregnancy category’ who have been referred here by other hospitals. At the joyous occasion of birth, the number of family members with a new mother is restricted. The family is upset when we cannot bring out the newborn baby for them to see. Read more

Out of my comfort zone

Once I wear the PPE, I don’t leave for a break, for water, food or even a bathroom break, as it means doffing the PPE and then repeating the safety measures all over again. In the heat of Vellore summer, the sweat drenches our clothes and the plastic PPE. Read more

Knowledge is power

When she was being prepared for delivery, she was so worried – "who will take care of my little girl while I am in labour?" Normally her family – father, grandparents, aunts and uncles – would be there. But now, we became her family. Read more

Smile, Thank You, Please!

Our work at the Out-Patient Department (OPD) is vital as we are one of the first contacts for a patient. How we talk to them sets their first impression of CMC. Read more

Safety first!

When CMC was setting up the first triage clinics for COVID-19 patients screening, I was asked to be at the triage area gates...One main reason is because I speak six languages - my mother tongue Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, English and Malayalam.  Read more

Messengers of Peace 

How does the ethos of CMC help us address the challenges of COVID-19? For 120 years, CMC has been providing compassionate care to the best of our ability, without counting the cost. We see ourselves not only as medical professionals but also as messengers of peace. Read more


Treating people, not patients

Some senior citizens don’t have mobile phones, so they are extremely lonely. “You are like our grandchildren,” they tell us. While the panic around COVID-19 is very real, we get a chance to do our every day duty as doctors. Read more

Wisdom from a wheelchair

I started self-isolation as I had fever, fatigue and breathlessness. On 25 April 2020, as a pro-active move, I decided to go to CMC Vellore, the place where I had my spinal cord injury rehabilitation in 1990.
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Food for thought

Our canteen outlets were closed and so we delivered food within the entire hospital and staff residences. We supplied food for stranded patients under the Manna Meals Scheme. We catered to the doctors working in the COVID-19 wards. Read more

The extra mile

Sometimes it feels like we are looking at the virus with a magnifying glass but missing the real problems of our patients. They have lost their income...There is so much stigma and discrimination... As doctors we have to understand these factors and how they affect the recovery of our patients. Read more

A state of emergency

We have a limited resuscitation team, so each of us is now an expert multi-tasker. We have learnt to play multiple roles...We go forward prayerfully and reach out to everyone of our colleagues for help and support during this crisis. Read more

How are your patients today?

I am an asthmatic, so I take extra precautions. I have two children under the age of five years. Every day, my daughter asks me “Amma, how are your Corona patients today?” I tell her they are getting better. Read more

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Helping COVID-affected patients, as best as we can, poses many challenges for us - including the ongoing challenge of finding adequate money for buying PPE, building infrastructure and so on. We ask for your much-needed support during this time of crisis.
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