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CMC is grateful to each and every one of you who reached out to support us during the pandemic. We are privileged to share our 'Impact Report' which captures some of our unique experiences and key learnings.

Many of the people who come to CMC hospital, can’t afford the cost of the treatment they need. We have a dream that CMC should never have to turn anyone away because they cannot afford to pay for their healthcare. Healthcare should be provided on the basis of need, not according to ability to pay. However, the sheer number of desperately needy patients and the rising costs of healthcare make this an uphill task.

We also keep the student fees for our educational courses extremely low. We want to ensure that money is never a barrier to anyone who wants to study medicine, nursing or other courses at CMC.
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds receive scholarships that can take care of both fees and living expenses.

Donor stories

Read the fascinating story of how one young girl's donation to CMC provided for the first home for our nursing students and staff, as well as for the medical students.  

Read about how two elective students from Australia raised money for patients undergoing treatment for physical rehabilitation by selling cakes and chocolate!

Our needs for the future

Can you join us in providing low cost or free healthcare and education?

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(If you face any difficulties with regard to donations routed through the giving site, please write to Mr. Hugh Skeil, Manager, Development Office @ or call 0416 2283509 for assistance.)

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