Frequently asked Questions - eMeds (Drugs by post)

FAQ (Frequently Asked questions)

  1. How can I pay for my Online Prescriptions?
    You can pay by either CMC Mobile App (or) Web using Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

  2. How can I get my medicines delivered?
    Login to the CMC Website (or) Mobile App and select the ‘emeds Pharmacy’ icon for paying for the medicines prescribed online by your doctor. Once paid, these medicines will then be packed and sent by Post (or) Courier.
  3. Will I receive a tracking number?
    Your will receive tracking number to your Registered mobile as message (or) by mail.
  4. Can all types of medicines by Post (or) Courier?
    No, we cannot send temperature sensitive medicines (To be stores between 2oC and 8oC), Narcotic Drugs, Habit forming drugs, inflammable items and certain other items.
  5. Who is the contact person to clarify the doubts in Payment (or) Prescriptions?
    You can contact the Call Centre Executive at 0416- 228 3405 during working hours (or) by mail vide
  6. Can I cancel my prescription once I have paid for it?
    Yes, you can cancel the prescription before shipment by making a request to our Call Centre either by phone at 0416- 228 3405 or by mail
  7. How can I refill my regular prescriptions?
    You can contact your doctor through Tele Consultation (or) can contact the Call Centre either by phone at 0416- 228 3405 or by mail
  8. How can I get replacement (or) refund?
    If you receive an expired (or) Short Expiry medicines (less than 3 months) or broken medicines, please inform our Call Centre and send an image with details by mail to After discussing your representation, a decision will be taken whether to replace, refund or decline based on the evidence presented.

  9. Will I be able to return the medicines?
    No. However in exceptional circumstances with the consent of the Physician, medicines can be returned as per the institution Policy and based on the justification given.

  10. What are the steps? (after online prescription is given by doctor)(Click here for help)
    1. To intiate process for delivering medicines, click on the 'proceed' button' at the bottom of this page

    2. Enter your hospital number and password and you will enter into next page

    3. Four icons will be shown - Appointments, Teleconsultation, Payments and eMEDS Delivery

    4. Click the icon titled eMEDS Delivery (Medicine Delivery System) and enter into eMEDS pageivery

    5. Select the Pending Prescriptions by clicking into the boxes alongside

    6. Press the Pay button at the bottom of the page showing the amount

    7. Enter or check the address to be delivered

    8. Agree to the terms and conditions

    9. Select the payments mode (credit/debit card or netbanking) and complete the payment process