Frequently asked Questions - New Appointments

Queries Related To General Instructions To Book New Appointments Online:

  1. How should I fill my details as a new patient to CMC?
    On clicking "click here to register Online" icon, you are directed to a page where personal &residence details of the patient have to be filled in.

  2. How should I proceed after my personal details are filled?
    On submitting the filled in form, the Transid, Random number & Invoice number will be generated, which has to be noted down for further reference.

  3. Will I be given an option to choose my consultation type (General or Private)?
    Yes, you will be requested to select the appointment category (General or Private).
    If a Private Doctor is chosen, then select the doctor you would prefer to consult along with the appointment date and payment mode.

  4. How should I make payment for New appointment?
    You will be directed to HDFC payment site. There you will have to enter the required payment information of credit or debit card from any bank.

  5. What are a web transid number and random number?
    Web transid number and random number are generated after saving your personal details.
    This will help you when you come out at any stage, you don’t have to re-enter again all the details.

  6. In case of failure while payment, will my slot be booked for me until I pay?
    In case of failure, the slot will be available for the next 20 minutes for you to re-enter.

  7. How will I know that my appointment is booked and confirmed?
    On successful completion of the payment, the system will allow you to take a Printout of the appointment.
    A message will be sent to your mentioned mobile number and a mail to your mentioned mail ID.

  8. How should I proceed in case of failure while payment?
    In case of payment failure, where the money gets deducted but the appointment site closes or no information is displayed, then you can login using the transid number and random sequence number to get a print out.
    If appointment is not confirmed and money is deducted, auto refund is given. You can check your account after 7 working days of bank.
    In case of failure while payment where money is not deducted, you can login again with the web transid number and random number and can confirm the invoice for payment within 20 minutes for the same department and doctor.

  9. What will happen if I exceed the 20 minutes?
    You have to login again newly with the same transid and random number and choose the department again.

  10. My payment is done, but my appointment slot is allotted to another patient. Will I get refund?
    Yes, If the slot is allotted to another patient, the system will check and refund back the money automatically after 7 working days of bank.

  11. My payment is confirmed, but I have not got any information about confirmation of my appointment?
    In case you find after a confirmed payment the appointment slot has not been allotted, the system will automatically allot the slot and will send a confirmation via SMS &email or you can login with the same transid and random number to get details of appointment

  12. How can I take printout of my appointment?
    The patient can login with hospital number and correct year of birth to take the required printout.

  13. If I book an appointment for a wrong department will my money be refunded?
    No, Appointments booked online will not be refunded.

  14. Can I change my unit of a particular department?
    Unit change is not allowed. Unit change has to be routed through the Medical Superintendents Office by sending an e-mail to reason for change.

  15. Can I change my appointment date to another date (postpone)?
    Yes, you are allowed one time date change through the website     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment     Date change appointment

  16. Am I allowed to change my appointment a second time?
    No, as per the present policy you are allowed only once date change. If you require another date you will have to rebook online with the existing Hospital number