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1) What is brand New General / New Private?

New General : A new general patient is one who will be seen by any doctor in the concerned unit.

New Private  : A new private patient is one who gets to see a consultant with whom he has booked an appointment for the first time in CMC.

In certain departments, during the first visit, you may be seen by one of the doctors in the unit after which you will be referred to your consultant as a repeat patient.

2) How to make new appointments online?

Please login our website:     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment      Proceed      New patient

Kindly fill in the details and proceed for appointments choose the department and read the description about the particular department and finally make the payment. Payments can be done through – Net Banking / Debit & Credit card.

3) H
ow to make repeat appointments online?

Please login our website:     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment      Proceed      With Hospital Number

Please type your Hospital number and Year of Birth. Choose the department using the option frequently visited clinic (or) New Clinic and read the description about the particular department before proceeding for payment. Payment can be done through Net Banking/Debit & Credit card

4) Where should I go for new registration and appointment for Indian patients?

Private Patient : You can go to Silver gate room no 600 with pre-registration done online / without pre-registration also.

General Patient:  You can go to ISSCC Building ground floor for general appointments, visit   Reception – 400 (For new registration form) fill the registration form , then go to the Triage, then take a token to visit the payment counters to the appointment.

5) Is there any charge to get the new registration form?

No, you can get the New registration form from the reception (400) at free of cost for new general patients.

6) Is there any assistance available to fill the new registration form?

Yes, you can get help from the OPD reception.

7) What is pre-registration for new Indian patients?

Pre-registration is the facility given for all patients to complete their sociological data online and come to make appointment in CMC

Please login our website: :     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment     Proceed     New Patient     Fill in the online pre-registration form and submit     Kindly note the Trans Id (Username) and password

8) Where should I go for new registration and appointment for an International Patient? Is pre-registration online for necessary new international patients?

International patients need not do Pre-registration online as it is done by our staff at the International Relations Office (IRO – room no. 900 B, Prince Manor Building) followed by the new registration and doctor’s appointment at the same place. Patient and the relatives should report at IRO with the passport and previous medical reports if any.

9) Can I do my pre-registration and make my appointment in CMC?

Yes, when you do the pre- registration you will get a confirmation number. This can be presented at the SILVER GATE (600) for private appointments and ISSCC Building ground floor counters for general appointment.

10) Should I fill in separate new registration form for each department I choose to see?

No, you should register only once in CMC and get a hospital number. This number should be used for all other department consultations (lifetime number).

11) Can I use the same hospital number which I have taken online to book another appointment when I visit CMC?

Yes, you can use the same number to make all your appointments.

12) If I am registered as a private patent with one doctor, do I have to continue as private patient in all other departments?

Not necessarily. If you are registered as a private patient for one department, you may choose to register as a general patient in other departments, and vice- versa. The hospital number remains the same.

13) I have made an appointment online as a general patient. Now I wish to see a consultant. What should I do?

You can book through our online portal after crossing the general appointment date.     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment       Proceed  
Login with your hospital number and then book a private appointment.

14) I have made an appointment online as a private patient. Now I wish to see in general. What should I do?

You can book through our online portal after crossing the private appointment date.     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment      Proceed
Login with your hospital number and then book a general appointment.

15) I have taken appointment online. Where should I report when I come to CMC?

Report to the respective Out-Patient Department’s (OPD) Medical Records Officer(MRO) your appointment date, time and location will be mentioned in the printout. 

16) After reaching Vellore, where should I approach for an early appointment?

Appointments can be available from 492 counter by providing appropriate identity proof (voter ID card, pan card, passport, etc.,) along with Hospital Number Card. Patient and his Hospital number is mandatory when you approach 492 counter. (Subject to availability of cancellation on that day)

17) I am a private patient, after seen my doctor and he/she referred me to another clinic, what should I do?

Private referrals can approach SILVER GATE (600) New Private Patient Facility for appointment.

18) Where can I get wheel chair /stretcher?

You can avail wheel chair / stretcher from the wheel chair / stretcher bay opposite to ISSCC Building near RT Block by depositing Rs. 100/-. This money will be refunded when you return wheel chair/ stretcher by producing the receipt. 

19) If my doctor gives tests, where should I get it done?

Make payment in cash counters before going for the tests. Few tests are done in OPD Building. 
Blood test- G20
Urine, etc., - G21
X ray- G11 & G11A
ECG- G51

Some special tests are done in other location which will be mentioned in the payment slip. The staff in the payment counter/ reception will guide you.

20) How will the doctor see my test reports?

You have to book another appointment for revisit. All your test reports will be online. The doctor can view your reports on his/her computer.

21) Where can I get a new Hospital Number Card?

You can get it in the following locations:
    o Silver Gate – Room no. 600 (Private Patients only)
    o Counter No. 5 in OPD Building ground floor
    o Payment counters 2, 3, 4 in ISSCC Building ground floor.

22) What is Net Banking?

Net banking is a facility for patients to pay for tests and pharmacy from your personal bank account.     Are you a patient     Other Online Services     Online Payments         

If your money is deducted from your personal bank account but payment confirmation is not done, please mail to

23) I already have a CHRIS Card do I need to get the new Hospital Number Card?  

No. You can use you CHRIS Card for identification.

24) How can I use my balance in my CHRIS Card?

If you have any balance amount in your Chris Card, you can use that amount to book an online appointment (only through our webpage   - - and not through our mobile app).

Please note that the balance amount can be used only for online appointments and not for investigations. 

25) How can I get the balance in my CHRIS Card refunded to me?

Refunds upto Rs. 2000/- can be procured from any cash counter if you make your request with an identity proof and your CHRIS Card. If you have lost your CHRIS card, please go to counter No. 105 to make your request. Your identity proof will have to be produced at the counter. 

Those who need refunds above Rs 2000/- should also go to counter No. 105, where you can get your refund with or without your CHRIS Card. 

 26) If any transactions are done by the doctor. What should I do?

You should go to the MRO in the same OP for printouts.

27) If the doctor orders medicines which is paid through OPAD, what should I do?

With your Hospital Number Card, please go straight to pharmacy dispensary counter to pick up your medicine.

28) Are all OP floor counters made cashless?

No, except a few counters all OP floor counters are made cashless. You can use OPAD, Credit / Debit card to pay in these counters

You can also use online payment option.     Are you a patient     Other Online Services     ONLINE Payments
Mode of payments:
Pay using Debit/ Credit card
Pay using Net Banking

29) The doctor asked me to visit him again and have also given me lab requests for tests and prescriptions. What should I do next?

Take the repeat appointment slip and the lab requests to the payment counter or do online payment. Every floor in the OPD block has a payment counter, apart from those on the ground floors of both the main OPD building and ISSCC building. The staff there, will accept payment and give you a receipt as well as computerized test slips for the appointment and the laboratory tests.

30) My doctor referred me to consult a doctor from another department. How should I proceed?

If the concerned department has an OP Clinic on the same day and if an appointment is available, you may be seen on the same day. If not, you may book the next available appointment. If you wish to be seen as general patient, there are no additional charges, if an appointment is available on the same day. If you wish to be seen as a private patient, you may need to pay a fresh fee to see a consultant, even if an appointment is available for the same day.

31) I am an old patient of CMC, my concerned doctor has gone on long leave. I would like to visit another consultant in the same unit. What should I do?

You can book through our online portal or visit the payment counters:     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment

32) Whom should I contact if I have a problem with the payment counter staff?

You may contact G31- Supervisor In-charge counter in ISSCC Building ground floor.

33) Whom should I contact if I have a problem with Outpatient Services?

You can contact any of the OPD floor managers in G52 OPD ground floor. Contact number is given in all the floors.

34) If I want to complain regarding housekeeping staff?

You can contact the OP Manager in G52.

35) Whom should I contact in an emergency situation?

In OPD – OP Manager, G52
In ISSCC Building – G31 Supervisor In charge.
Patient care facilitators in each floor.

36) Can I get refund for the tests which are not completed?

Yes, you can get refund if the doctor signs for it. You can get further information from G32 Counter in ISSCC Building ground floor. If you are a OPAD holder, the money will be directly credited to your OPAD account once your doctor cancels and refund.

37) Where should I contact for re-imbursement?

Contact CARE section (106)– located in Main Building 1st floor.

38) Whom should I contact if I lose my personal things (voter ID, passport, etc)?

You can contact Public Relations Office (PRO-620) located in the ground floor of the Main Building.

39) If my family member is missing inside CMC. Whom should I contact?

You can approach security office. They will help you find out.

40) Are all the departments located within CMC hospital?

Yes, all the departments are within CMC Hospital except- Schell Eye Hospital – 2km and Mental Health Center- Bagayam – 7km away from CMCH.

41) Are there any personal guides available outside CMCH?

No. we don’t have anyone outside CMC. For any help, contact our friendly staff and receptionists.

Please contact floor managers/ patient care facilitators for help. Their duty numbers are displayed in each OP Floor.

Beware of Touts. Don’t pay extra amount to anybody outside CMC. Always ask for payment receipt and check whether you paid any extra amount.

42) Is there any CMC authorised service centre available outside CMC to book appointments?

No, we don’t have any service centre outside. You can directly come to our cash counters to get an appointment.

Please do not contact anybody outside CMC for appointment. You might be charged extra amount than what we collect in CMC.

43) How can I reach CMC Hospital if I come by train?

Once you get down in Katpadi station, you have various options to reach our hospital.

By bus- Bus number 1&2 will reach CMC (Katpadi – Bagayam bus)

By auto/ cab- you will get auto, just outside the railway station.

44) Where should I contact if I require an ambulance from Katpadi station?

If you are coming by train, Please contact CMC Help Desk located in platform No:1 (near the main entrance of the Station)

Help Desk Number- 8300205250 /  Main Enquiry in CMC campus 0416-2282629.

45) Where should I contact if I require an ambulance from the airport?

For ambulance if you are coming by air, please email to CMC Transport department at

46) After registration in cash counter if the appointment date is not convenient for me, whom should I contact?

Contact 492 counter in ISSCC building with patient, patient ID proof or Hospital Number Card which are mandatory for an early date if available.

47) I forgot my CMC Hospital number, whom should I contact to get back my hospital number?

Please Contact medical records in OPD Block Basement (B10).

48) If I have lost my CMC Hospital card. Where should I contact?

Contact the following locations, Duplicate card will be issued with the payment of Rs.100/ with original photo ID Proof (Govt. related).
o Silver Gate – Room no. 600 (Private Patients only)
o Counter No. 5 in OPD Building ground floor
o Payment counters 2, 3, 4 in ISSCC Building ground floor.

49) I need to correct my sociological data (Name, Age, Address etc.,) where should I contact?

Contact the Medical superintendent office (MS OFFICE-3) with copy of ID proof.

50) Whom should I contact to apply for birth certificate/ death certificates?

Contact the Medical superintendent office (MS OFFICE-3) with copy of ID proof.

51) I have booked two appointments on the same day at the same time in different OPDs, whom should I contact for timing adjustment?

Contact both the OPD MRO’s.He/She will help you.

52) If I need a copy of the Medical report, whom should I contact?

A printed medical report costs Rs. 150/-. During your final visit, you may request your treating doctor or the secretary of the Department for one. 

53) I am a company referred patient, whom should I contact?

Contact ACCESS Staff in ACCESS counter (603)- Located near Silver gate.

54) I have an insurance card, can I use this card for my treatment?

Yes, Contact CARE (106) located in 1st Floor, Main Building

55) If I am getting admitted in the ward, can anybody stay with me during night time?

Only female attendant is allowed to stay at night with the patient.

56) If I am unable to attend the OPD on appointment date, can I cancel and get refund for my general appointment?

There is no refund policy for general appointments unless patient gets admitted in CMC. But you can postpone your appointment one day before the appointment date in the MCTT supervisor counter (G32)

57) I have lost my original investigations slips after payment, where should I contact to get the duplicate slips?

Contact MCTT supervisor counter (G32).

58) I lost my original appointment slip, where should I contact?

Contact relevant OPD MRO’s on the appointment date by giving your Hospital number. MRO will check the appointment list and then he/she will register.

59) If I need a duplicate appointment slip for my re-imbursement purpose, where should I contact?

Contact billing section (105) for getting duplicate appointment slip.

60) I need total Outpatient bill for my re-imbursement purpose, where should I contact?

Contact CARE section staff (106) to get the final total bill by producing all original slips.

61) To know the Consultant Name list, where should I contact?

You can get the Guide book from the Main reception / CMC Website. This book contains all the hospital information, including consultant name list.

62) I have been referred from casualty to see the doctor on OPD basis, if I do not get early appointment date, where should I contact?

Contact 492 counter with patient and patient ID proof, for an early appointment date for general patient. Private patient should contact Silver gate 600

63) Can I make the payment in cash counters at anytime?

You can make payment in the following counters: 
OPD ground floor payment counters  (6.30 am to 4.30pm)
ISSCC payment counter – (6.00am to 10.00pm)
ISSCC payment counter number 14 - till 10 pm
ISSSCC payment counter 15 - till 12 pm
Casualty payment counters (3 & 3A)- (24 hours).

64) I need to get Master health check-up, done where should I contact?

Contact ALPHA clinic reception in Main Building. (0416 -2282290/2282299)

65) How can I find the approximate amount for the treatment before I come to the hospital?

You will need to contact the concerned department through email and give all the details of your illness. They will try to give you an estimate.

66) If I am a private patient, where will I be admitted?

You may choose to be admitted either in a private ward or a general ward.