Frequently asked Questions - Online Booking

Queries Related To New Online Booking:

  1. If I book a wrong appointment online, will it be refunded?
    Appointments booked online will not be refunded as per our current policy.

  2. If I have booked appointment for a wrong department, is it possible for me to change the unit?
    At present, change of unit is not possible for online appointments.
  3. Is it possible for me to change my appointment date?
    Onetime postpone (or) advancement of appointment date is possible Online.
    Website –     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment     Book/ Date Change appointment
  4. Should I bring my photo ID proof when I come to CMC Hospital?
    Yes, you should bring a Government Related photo ID proof when you come to CMC, Vellore.
    This is mandatory. At the entrance of OPD, your ID proof will be verified.
  5. If I have any problem while booking online, whom should I contact?
    If you have a problem while booking an online appointment, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You may also write to
  6. Can I make a new online appointment if I have a CMC Hospital number?
    No, you cannot use the new online appointment option if you already have a CMC Hospital number. Instead you can login with your hospital number and book a repeat appointment.
  7. If I have a CMC Hospital number, how should I book online?
    If you have a CMC Hospital number, Please follow the procedure     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment     Enter your Hospital Number and Birth year
  8. What is Pre -registration for new Indian patients?
    Pre-registration is the facility given for all patients to complete their sociological data online and come to make an appointment in CMC at Silver Gate 600 (Private Patient Facility)
    New Indian Patient process :     Are you a patient     Book an appointment.

  9. Can I do my pre- registration and make a private new appointment in CMC?
    Yes, when you do the pre- registration you will get a confirmation number. This can be presented at the SILVER GATE(600) anytime between
              6.00 am to 8.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
              6.30 am to 6.00 pm (Saturday)
              6.30 am to 2.30 pm (Sunday)

  10. Can I do pre- registration and make a general new appointment?
    Yes, with pre-registration you will get a confirmation number. Please go to ISSCC Building, counters 2,3,4 to make an appointment.

  11. What is Net Banking?
    Net banking is a facility for patients to book reappointment and pay for online lab tests from your personal bank account.     Are you a patient     Book an Appointment / Other Online Services     Online-payments.

  12. I do not have a debit or credit card to make a new OP appointment online.  What should I do?
    Please fill up the pre-registration form online and present the confirmation number at the Pre-registration counter near SILVER GATE (600) in CMC Hospital campus for private appointment/ for general appointment you can go to ISSCC Building Ground floor counters. You will be given an appointment depending upon the availability of appointments.

  13. What are the modes of payments online?
    Mode of payments –     Pay using Debit/ Credit card
                                          Pay using Net Banking

  14. What is an online payment?
    When the doctor orders tests and appointment online, you can use the online payment option using your net banking facility / debit / credit card to pay instead of standing in long queue.

  15. How will I get the receipts and slips when I use the online payment option?
    You can take the printouts from your personal computer. Please ensure your email id is correct. If you have a problem, please contact G 32, ISSCC Building.

  16. Should I fill in separate new online registration for each department I choose to visit?
    No, Please use the same hospital number which is given to you before, and it is a one-time number (generic numbering system).

  17. If I have a problem in online appointment on arrival at CMC, whom should I contact?
    On arrival, Please contact your Floor Manager in room G52, OPD building, Ground floor.

  18. Is there anyone to help me in the Katpadi Railway Station?
    Yes, CMC Help Desk is located at the entrance of platform no.1
    Help Desk Number- 8300205250

  19. After reaching Vellore, where should I approach for an early appointment?
    You can avail an early appointment from counter 492 in ISSCC building for General appointments and Silver Gate 600 for Private appointments if cancellations are available. Please produce appropriate ID proof (Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card, Pan card, Passport, etc.,) Hospital Number Card is mandatory for transactions.

  20. Are there any guides available outside CMC?
    No, we do not have any official guides outside CMC. For any help contact our friendly reception staff / hospital staff. Please contact floor managers/ patient care facilitators for help. Their duty numbers are displayed in each OP Floor.
    Beware of Touts. Don’t pay extra amount to anyone outside. Always ask for payment receipt and check whether you paid any extra amount

  21. Is there any CMC authorised service centre available outside CMC to book appointments?
    No, we do not have any service centre outside. You can come directly to our cash counters to get an appointment.
    Please do not contact anyone outside CMC for appointments

  22. Is it possible to book an online appointment for two different departments?
    Yes, you can book appointment for two different departments at the same time, Please choose ‘New Clinic’ option for a department which you have not visited before.

  23. Whom should I report to, if I have a complaint while I am in CMC?
    You may contact your Floor Manager/ Patient Care Facilitators / MCTT Supervisors. Their numbers are displayed on each floor of the Out Patient services.

  24. I have a CMC old Hospital number, but by mistake I made a new appointment through online, what should I do?
    Contact OPD Manager’s Office located in OPD Building ground floor (G52), where both numbers will be continued as one Hospital Number, but the new appointment will be cancelled and refund will not be done. You will have to make a new appointment with the old number.

  25. Can I get treatment in CMC, if I come alone?
    Yes, OP treatment is possible if you are alone.
    If you have to get admitted in the ward, a female attendant is mandatory.